Carrboro Parking Study

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The Town of Carrboro is exploring ideas for potential improvements to the parking downtown. This website outlines the purpose and goals of this study, links to our parking survey, resources about the planning process, contact information, and, most importantly, how you can get involved in the process.


Over the course of the last fifteen or more years, the Town has gradually acquired or leased properties to use as municipal parking lots, and currently maintains close to 600 parking spaces in the downtown area. The Town does not charge for the use of those spaces. Despite this investment, concerns relating to insufficient parking in the downtown have re-emerged particularly, during the last few years as larger-scale development projects have come on line leading the Town to reconsider its role in providing or managing parking for commercial uses. With this context, the Town has engaged a transportation consulting firm (VHB Engineering) from Raleigh, NC to oversee this planning process.

Get Involved

Town Staff and their consultant team (VHB) have been exploring ideas for the study, with guidance from the Town Board of Alderman. As the study is progressing over the next few weeks, we invite you to:

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Carrboro Town Hall, Board Room
301 W. Main St. Carrboro

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Study Goals

The goals of this planning process will guide the public outreach, field data collection, and analysis efforts. The study goals are:

- Engage the citizens of Carrboro in this process

- Identify possible barriers that may be preventing people from visiting downtown Carrboro

- Quantify the existing parking trends for weekdays and weekends

- Estimate future parking demand based on current conditions

- Identify parking management improvements for the Town

- Seek a balance between the needs drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders within a dense, urban setting

Study Area Map

Downtown Carrboro Parking Study Area

Contact Us

Town of Carrboro

Bergen Watterson, Transportation Planner
Email: | Phone: 919-918-7329

VHB Engineering

Timothy Tresohlavy, AICP, GISP, Transportation Planner
Email: | Phone: 919-741-5506

Kara Peach, Transportation Planner
Email: | Phone: 919-334-5627