Stormwater Advisory Commission

 From Carrboro Vision 2020 

"Carrboro should be proactive in managing its stormwater, promoting active maintenance of facilities, reducing impacts of increased impervious surface, and minimizing impacts on waterways. Respect for and protection of the natural environment should be integrated into the Town’s policies as a high priority in enriching the quality of life."


  • The SWAC typically meets on the second Thursday at 6:30 pm.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared prior to the meeting, minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | All Agendas and Minutes


The Stormwater Advisory Commission will consist of 7 members. Staff support will be provided by the Public Works Department.

Duties & Responsibilities

From Section 3-24.15 of the Town Code:

The purpose of the Carrboro Stormwater Advisory Commission is as follows:

(1) To investigate and advise the Town Council on policies, ordinances, best management practices, and administrative procedures regarding stormwater management;

(2) To investigate, review and make recommendations to the Town Council for new or revised policies regarding the Town’s Stormwater Management Utility and Stormwater Management Enterprise Fund;

(3) To investigate, review and make recommendations to the Town Council concerning new or revised land use ordinance provisions related to stormwater management;

(4) To review the Town’s Stormwater Management Program and Plan, stormwater compliance activities, and other stormwater related plans, and make recommendations to prioritize or adjust activities;

(5) To investigate and provide recommendations regarding stormwater runoff for new development and re-development projects when requested by the Board or staff;

(6) To review and approve annual (and other) staff reports to the Town Council regarding the Town’s stormwater management duties; and

(7) To fulfill the Town’s requirements under its NPDES Phase II stormwater permit for citizens’ input of stormwater management activities; and

(8) Organize subcommittees concerning specific topics or issues related to stormwater management as needed or as requested by Town Staff.

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