iTree Design

i-Tree Design allows Carrboro residents and businesses to make estimations of the benefits which trees provide to their property. Simply inputting location, species, tree size, and condition provides users a report of greenhouse gas mitigation, air quality improvements, and stormwater interception. An additional step of drawing a building footprint and virtually “planting” a tree returns tree effects on building energy use.

Tree benefits are estimated for

  • The current year
  • A user-specified forecast year sometime in the future
  • Total benefits across the future timespan
  • Total benefits provided to date


We created a step by step guide on how to use iTree Design with Carrboro Fire Station #2 as the example property. This guide can be access via the link below.

iTree Design Guide

Carrboro Fire Station #2 iTree Design Results

We inventoried 23 of the of trees on the property of Fire Station and ran a Tree Benefit Report using iTree Design to use as an example for what information you can gain about your property. Below is a sampling of the data from the report. You can review the Full Report here. 

FireStation2Total Benefitstodate