Town of Carrboro Comprehensive Plan

Reaching back. Leaning Forward

The town is about to embark upon a comprehensive planning process – the first in over 20years.  The goal is to inspire extensive and active community involvement and to establish a framework for achieving the community’s vision, expectations and guidance for growth and development/redevelopment, and town services over the next 20 years.  Plan policies will address land use regulations and decisions, which serve as the foundation for economic development/fiscal stability, as well as the Town’s ability to provide direct services and support other initiatives.  The Town will be working with a team of consultants to facilitate an inclusive, equitable, and diverse public engagement process from start to finish, including utilization of both traditional and innovative outreach methods and working with existing community organizations and resources.  


Come plan with us!

Our town needs your expertise. Commit to Carrboro’s future and apply to be a member of the Comprehensive Plan task Force.

What is your vision for the future of Carrboro? How can the community advance issues such as climate action, race and equity and economic sustainability? As we venture through this current health crisis, how can the Town set forth plans to be a more resilient community?


The Town of Carrboro seeks four (4) community members, especially people of color or others who have been historically underrepresented in local government, to join the Comprehensive Plan Task Force. As part of the Town’s endeavor to create a new Comprehensive Plan, a Task Force is being formed to aid in the outreach, visioning, and decision-making process. The Town of Carrboro Comprehensive Plan Task Force offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a unique comprehensive planning effort that will help shape the future of our town! The Task Force will be comprised of appointed representatives from each of the Town’s advisory boards as well as 8 at-large members from the community. At-large members will be appointed by the Town Council.  

Anticipated Duties:

  •  Attend ALL meetings
  • Occasional “homework”
  • Share perspectives on Town’s present needs and future opportunities
  • Provide insight and feedback on consultant produced drafts and reports
  • Participate in visioning exercises
  • Provide consensus recommendation of plan prior to public hearing and adoption

For questions, email or call the Town of Carrboro Planning Department at 919-918-7324.

Apply today at