Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance and Inspection Program

RD SCM inspection

Since the 1980s, the Town’s Land Use Ordinance (LUO) has required stormwater management as part of development projects. Beginning in 2004, the Town’s stormwater management efforts have been regulated under an NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit.  One section of the permit is for “post-construction” stormwater management, which includes requirements for maintenance and inspection of “Stormwater Control Measures” (SCMs). SCMs are regulated stormwater devices that treat runoff to reduce both water quantity and quality impacts. The Town of Carrboro requires the property owner to take responsibility for maintenance and inspection of stormwater devices. 


Property owners are required to do the following regarding SCMs:

  • Conduct maintenance regularly to ensure the function of the device, in accordance with minimum requirements set by the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ)
  • Maintain records of maintenance performed
  • Have each SCM inspected at least annually by a qualified North Carolina professional
  • Submit an annual report including the results of the inspection and maintenance records from the previous year
  • Set aside funds sufficient to pay major, non-routine costs associated with keeping the SCM in proper condition
  • Submit a report annually stating that such funds have been set aside

See the Land Use Ordinance Section 15-263.1 Maintenance of Structural BMPs.

Visit the NCDEQ's Stormwater Design Manual website for specific requirements for SCMs.

Qualified Professionals

Carrboro requires that SCMs be inspected annually by a qualified North Carolina professional. Appropriate inspectors include Professional Engineers, Professional Landscape Architects, or others specially qualified by an appropriate training, testing and certification program. 

The Town of Chapel Hill maintains a list of State-certified parties working locally, listed here:

The City of Durham maintains a list of City-certified parties, listed here:

The Town of Carrboro does not specifically recommend any particular companies or individuals. The lists provided above are meant solely as a resource for those who are in search of a qualified inspector. 

Additional details about the Town’s program for privately owned SCMs are available in the "Related Documents" section below. To access templates, click SCM Forms, Templates and Documents on the left-hand sidebar.

NCDEQ Required Inspection Schedule

A7 DEQ SCM DM OnM Table 1Source: NCDEQ Stormwater Design Manual: Section A-7 Operation & Maintenance

Fee Schedule

The Town may assess fees for SCM Inspections to owners who have not provided adequate documentation of self-inspection and maintenance and who have not voluntarily entered into a maintenance agreement as follows:

  • Sites with 1 or 2 SCMs - $125.00
  • Sites with more than 2 SCMs - $250.00
  • SCM Re-inspection - $75.00

See the Miscellaneous Fee Schedule for more information.