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The Carrboro Police Department deploys a number of vehicles to patrol the Town of Carrboro.  Officers will most frequently be seen in marked Chevrolet Impalas with the new white, black and red color scheme.  We have special purpose vehicles as well, such as the School Resource Officer's Club Car which you may have seen out and about at events like the Carrboro Music Festival and Open Streets.  Officers are also allowed to patrol the downtown areas on one of our Police Mountain Bikes.

Every patrol vehicle in the Police Department is equipped with a Mobile Data Terminal, also known as a Mobile Computer Terminal or MDT for short.  This in-car computer system allows for officers to write reports, review reports, look up information pertinent to a case, check and respond to e-mails and other essential law enforcement functions while still in their vehicles.  These computers are powerful tools that greatly assist officers in their day to day activities.

Radio Direction and Ranging devices, more commonly known as RADAR devices, were first developed during World War II as a powerful tool to detect the location of airplanes and surface ships.  Toward the later part of the 20th Century, RADAR devices were adapted as a law enforcement tool to serve as speed measuring instruments.  The RADAR units deployed by law enforcement agencies are invaluable tools for traffic enforcement.  Many of our police vehicles are equipped with RADAR units and we even have a RADAR sign that can be placed in your neighborhood to remind drivers to slow down!

Some vehicles deployed by the Carrboro Police Department are equipped with Lo-Jack Theft Recovery System trackers.  Once an equipped vehicle or equipped property is reported stolen to law enforcement, the Lo-Jack unit begins emitting a signal that can be detected by Lo-Jack equipped police vehicles.  This allows an officer operating a vehicle to immediately begin tracking the vehicle or property to attempt to recover it.  For more information, visit the Lo-Jack website by clicking HERE.

Beginning in mid-2013, the Carrboro Police Department began testing and evaluation of numerous in-car camera systems, known as Mobile Vehicle Recording (MVR) systems.  In late 2014, the police department deployed three vehicles with MVR systems with the goal of having twelve more MVR systems online by the Spring of 2015.  These MVR systems will aide officers testifying in court, help ensure transparency of police department operations, as well as allow thorough investigations of comments and complaints against officers, the department and the Town.  Officers operating MVR-equipped vehicles will also be wearing wireless microphones which will record audio outside of the vehicle.

If you wish to view our policy pertaining to MVR use and equipment, please click HERE

North Carolina recently passed N.C. G.S. 132-1.4A, which governs when and how audio and video recording by our MVR equipment can be viewed by the public.  Click the above link to read the statute in it's entirety.


Beginning 06/01/2017, the Carrboro Police Department will deploy its first body cameras.  Seven officers have been selected for the initial deployment.  It is our goal to have all patrol officers issued a body-worn camera by the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

If you wish to view our policy pertaining to body-worn camera use and equipment, please click HERE