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Carrboro Board of Aldermen Approved a Resolution To Repeal Hyde Amendment

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen approved a resolution calling for the Repeal of the Hyde Amendment and supporting the right of all women to safe and comprehensive health care at the October, 16, 2018 Board of Aldermen meeting.  

You can reed the resolution below:
WHEREAS, a person’s bodily autonomy and freedom to make reproductive decisions are vital to their safety, well-being, economic opportunity, and ability to participate equally in society; and
WHEREAS, access to safe, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive health care is a basic human right and is important for the overall physical and mental health of women and of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals who can become pregnant; and
WHEREAS, every person has a right to comprehensive, evidence-based information about the full range of reproductive health care options, and should have access to comprehensive reproductive health care throughout their lives, regardless of income, race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, immigration status, geographic circumstance, criminal history, and insurance-coverage status; and
WHEREAS, in 1973, the US Supreme Court, in a landmark decision, ruled in Roe v Wade that the US Constitution safeguards a woman’s ability to make her own personal medical decisions about whether and when to have children; and
WHEREAS, in the Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt decision in 2016, the US Supreme Court reaffirmed the constitutional right to access abortion; and
WHEREAS, these decisions have saved lives, strengthened families, and enabled women to participate more fully in society, and we must guard against efforts to erode the availability and affordability of abortion and to undermine the protections affirmed by Roe v Wade; and
WHEREAS, the Hyde Amendment, passed by Congress on September 30, 1976, has for 42 years impeded access to abortion for low-income women enrolled in Medicaid; and
WHEREAS, North Carolina law imposes limits on insurance coverage of abortion in the state Medicaid program; and
WHEREAS, in 2013, then-Mayor Mark Chilton and other members of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen signed an open letter urging then-Governor Pat McCrory to reject Senate Bill 353, which stripped local government employees of comprehensive health care coverage; and
WHEREAS, approximately 400,000 women in North Carolina (including more than 2000 in Orange County) who qualify for insurance coverage from the federal or state government—including local, school district, state, and federal employees; veterans and military service members; Native Americans who use the Indian Health Service; Peace Corps members; persons incarcerated in federal prisons; and those who purchase insurance through the Affordable Care Act—are subject to bans on insurance coverage of abortion; and
WHEREAS, the impact of health inequities and obstacles to quality health care fall hardest on low-income women, women of color, immigrant and undocumented women, survivors of domestic violence, transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, and young women; and
WHEREAS, public health insurance programs should cover all of an individual’s options when they are facing pregnancy and other reproductive health care decisions, so that they may make real decisions about what is best for them and their family, and so that their economic status and source of insurance coverage do not affect important health care decisions or access;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Aldermen of the Town of Carrboro calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment in this forty-third year of its enactment; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Aldermen encourages Governor Roy Cooper to support these and other measures to protect the rights of women and transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals everywhere to unhindered access to safe and comprehensive reproductive health care; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Aldermen asks the clerk to share copies of this resolution with Governor Cooper, Representative David Price, and Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis.
This the 16th day of October, 2018.

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