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Advisory Board Chair Report (Complete One Per Applicant)

  1. 1. Has the applicant previously served on this or another advisory board?*
  2. This should be available on the application or by asking the applicant.
  3. 3. Is the applicant already serving on this advisory board and seeking reappointment to their second, full term?
  4. 4. Is the applicant already serving on this advisory board and completed their two full terms?
  5. 5. Is the applicant applying for a special or expert seat on the advisory board?*
  6. 7. Did the applicant attend an advisory board meeting?*
  7. 8. If applicant did not attend an advisory board meeting, did you contact them via phone or email?
  8. 9. Applicant has demonstrated a clear understanding of the time commitment, roles, and responsibilities of serving on the advisory board:
  9. 11. In addition to your comments above, please check other qualities that the applicant offers that would help the Advisory Board meet its goals for community representation. Please note that candidates who do not meet any of these qualities are still eligible for appointment. Please communicate any urgent needs and priorities for Advisory Board composition to your Town Council liaison.
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