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Child Passenger Safety Inspection Request

  1. Child Passenger Safety Inspection Request
  2. You will be contacted to confirm the inspection once approved.
  3. Requested Location of Inspection:*
  4. Please enter the age or ages of your child or children. 

  5. Please enter the approximate or estimated weight of your child or children. 

  6. Do you currently have a car seat or do you need a car seat?*
  7. If you currently need a car seat:

    The CFRD is unable to hold or reserve seats. Seats are distributed on a first come, first served basis. If the department does not have the type of seat needed the department will attempt to accommodate to obtain the correct seat through other agencies/distribution points. 

  8. Note:

    This form is for requests for child passenger safety inspections. Requests are not received 24/7/365. Request submission does not guarantee the department will be able to provide the request service at the date and time requested. A representative from the fire department will contact you to confirm the request. Please contact (919) 918-7347 if additional assistance is required. 

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