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Bicycle Registration Form

    Please fill out the below form as completely as possible. If your bicycle is lost or stolen, this will aide officers in locating and returning your bicycle
  2. Your complete, legal first name (how it appears on your driver's license or identification card).
  3. Your complete, legal middle name. If you don't have one, please put NMN.
  4. Your complete, legal last name (how it appears on your driver's license or identification card).
  5. Home or cellular telephone number
  6. Cellular, work or other number.
  7. The make of the bicycle, such as Trek or Schwinn.
  8. The model name, such as Roadmaster or Spider.
  9. The primary or main color of the bicycle.
  10. The secondary color of your bicycle
  11. Please list any identifying features of the bicycle, such as a rear rack, non-factory wheels or tires, upgraded brakes, etc. Anything that makes your bicycle unique.
  12. Most manufactures put the serial number on the frame behind the crankset. If you cannot find your serial number, check with the manufacturer to see where it is on your bicycle.
  13. If you had a number etched into the frame or otherwise permanently affixed to the bicycle, please indicate that here.
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