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Evaluation Form - Adult Athletic League

  1. Carrboro Recreation and Parks

  2. Registration Process

  3. What method did you use to register?

  4. How did you know that the event was being held?

  5. Administrative Staff/Customer Service

  6. Team Placement Process/Formation of Teams

  7. Equipment used in league

  8. Facilities that practices and games were conducted

  9. Game Officials/Umpires

  10. Facility Supervisor (staff at games/practices)

  11. Number of games

  12. Length of games

  13. Time of games

  14. The playing rules were clear, concise, and applied consistently throughout the season.

  15. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the activity.

  16. Would you consider participating in this athletic program again?

  17. Would you be interested in program information during the season by email?

  18. Contact information is optional. However, if you wish to receive a response, we ask for this information to be provided.

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