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Adult League Player Contract

  1. The Carrboro Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Resources Department requires an Adult League Player Contract be submitted and approved by the Recreation Supervisor before a player is eligible to participate in any league game.  Failure to submit a completed contract will result in the player being ruled ineligible.

    A new Adult League Player Contract must be completed for each new league/season.

  2. Season*
  3. Are you a resident of Orange County?*
  4. Do you live within the town limits of Carrboro?
  5. Out-of-County Resident Fee

    Those players who reside outside of Orange County may be required to pay a pre-determined out-of-county fee in order to become eligible to participate each season.  The Recreation, Parks & Cultural Resources may require proof of residence.

  6. Waiver

    I hereby agree to participate in the above stated sport, league, and team.  I meet all eligibility requirements and understand that I can receive no remuneration for playing.  I have read and am aware of all rules governing play.  I will, upon my honor, live up to the aims and ideals of good sportsmanship and promise to obey the rules and regulations established by the Carrboro Recreation, Parks & Cultural Resources Department.  My failure to do so will automatically suspend me from further league competition.  I also understand that the Carrboro Recreation, Parks & Cultural Resources Department and the Town of Carrboro are not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred.

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