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Finance & Budget
Recommended Annual Operating Budget FY 2013-14

Recommended Annual Operating Budget FY 2013-14 Document

Readers Guide
Town Manager's Letter

Budget Message

Executive Summary
Budget Summary for All Funds

Section 1 - Community and Organizational Profile

About the Town of Carrboro
Key Intergovernmental Relationships
Governmental Structure
Board Priorities
Financial Policies
Budgetary Accounting and Reporting
Financial Fund Structure

Section 2 - General Fund

General Fund Revenue Descriptions
General Fund Balance as of June 30
General Fund Summary of Expenditures

Section 3 – General Government

Mayor and Board of Aldermen
Advisory Boards and Commissions
Governance Support
Town Manager
Economic and Community Development
Town Clerk
Management Services
Human Resources
Information Technology

Section 4 - Police
Section 5 – Fire and Rescue
Section 6 – Planning
Section 7– Transportation
Section 8 – Public Works
Section 9 – Recreation and Parks
Section 10 – Nondepartmental
Section 11 – Debt Service
Section 12 - Special Revenue Funds

Special Revenue Funds
Affordable Housing Fund
Grant Fund
Revolving Loan Fund

Section 13 - Capital Projects Fund

Capital Projects Fund
Capital Reserve Fund
Payment-in-Lieu Reserve Fund

Section 14 – Financial Trends Past, Present, and Future

Historical Financial Trends
Current Financial Trends
Future Trends

Section 15 – Line-Item Budget for Departments Within the General Fund

Line-Item Budget Detail

Section 16 - Glossary



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