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Capital Improvements Program
For FY2011-2012 Through FY2016-2017

Town of Carrboro Capital Improvements Program FY2011-2012 Through FY2016-2017

  • Introduction
    • A Message from the Manager
    • Resolution
  • Section I - Summary
    • The Capital Improvements Program
    • CIP Document Organization
    • Summary Table of CIP Projects by Fiscal Year
  • Section II - Individual Project Descriptions
    • Street Resurfacing
    • Sidewalks
    • Park Maintenance and Replacement Fund
    • Town Parking Lots
    • Public Works Facility
    • Greenways
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
    • Lease-Purchase Schedule for Vehicles and Equipment
    • Weaver Street Reconstruction
    • Information Technology Schedule
  • Section III - Appendix
    • Impact of CIP on Operating Budget and the Town's Fiscal Health
    • Summary Table of the Impact of CIP on Debt Ratios
    • Potential Tax Rate Impact of the CIP
    • Unfunded Projects


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