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Planning Department - Planning, Zoning and Inspections
Welcome to the Zoning Division of the Town of Carrboro. The Zoning Division is responsible for the following:
  • Assisting the public in their compliance with the Land Use Ordinance
  • Reviewing development proposals for compliance with the Land Use Ordinance
  • Processing Zoning, Special Use, and Conditional Use Permits
  • Reviewing site plans
  • Monitoring previously issued Land Use Permits
  • Responding to citizen complaints and inquiries associated with land use activities
  • Providing the public with information regarding the Land Use Ordinance
  • Assisting the Town Boards and Commissions

To contact the Zoning Division:
Telephone: 919-918-7336
FAX: 919-942-1720
Email: PlanDept@ci.carrboro.nc.us
Location: Town Hall, 301 W. Main St., 27510 (3rd Floor)

Find out about Carrboro zoning using an interactive Carrboro zoning map.
Orange Community Housing and Land Trust
Orange Community Housing and Land Trust is a nonprofit housing developer in Orange County. Founded in 1990, the Land Trust offers high quality yet affordable homes for school teachers, police officers, nurses, housekeepers, and many other homebuyers who provide the basic services of our community but can't afford to live here because the average price of a new, NON-Land Trust home is out of their reach.
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