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Carrboro Animal Control: Laws & Ordinances
Laws and Ordinances
On the state level:
Cruelty to animals. [FELONY]
14-361 Instigating or promoting cruelty to animals.
14-361.1 Abandonment of animals.
14-362.2 Dog Fighting [FELONY]
14-363 Conveying animals in a cruel manner.
67-2 Permitting a dog in “heat” to run at large.
67-12 Permitting dogs to run at large at night; penalty; liability for damage.
130A-185 Vaccination of all dogs and cats
130A-200 Confinement or leashing of vicious animals.
On the local level:
Article II, Section 10-4(b)
Dogs must wear a valid rabies tag. Cats are not required to wear the rabies tag, but must be vaccinated.
Article II, Section 10-4(c)
Dogs shall wear an identification tag indicating the owner’s name, current address, and phone number or posses a microchip.
Article II, Section 10-4(d)
Cats shall wear a collar with the owner's name and telephone number, a collar with an ID tag or rabies tag or posses a microchip.
Article V, Section 10-11(a)
No owner may permit, or allow an animal to stray or in any manner to run at large or trespass on the property of another.
Article V, Section 10-11(b)
This provision shall not apply to cats.
Article V, Section 10-11(c)
The provisions do not apply to the “leash- free” area at Carrboro’s Anderson III Community Park.
Article V, Section 10-12
Deals with animals creating a nuisance. A nuisance animal is one that;
  1. Habitually or repeatedly, without provocation, chases snaps at or attacks pedestrians, bicycles, other animals being walked on a leash, or vehicles even if the animal never leaves the owner's property, except this provision shall not apply if such animal is restrained by a pen, fence or other secure enclosure.
  2. Interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment by neighboring residents of their property because of its odor or excessive noise making.
  3. Is a female animal in heat not confined to prevent contact with a male animal, except this does not prohibit intentional breeding.
  4. Without provocation, inflicts on any person a serious injury requiring treatment by a physician, including but not limited to a bite or scratch that breaks the skin.
  5. Damages the property of anyone other than its owner, including but not limited to turning over garbage containers or damaging gardens, flowers, shrubbery, vegetables or trees either by digging, defecation or urination, or causing injury to domesticated livestock or pets.
Some of these ordinances do not apply to cats. However, many other ordinances exist. If you have any questions about those listed or others, please contact the Animal Control Office at 919-918-7418.
You may download a copy of the current Animal Control Ordinance for the Town of Carrboro by clicking HERE.

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