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Public Notification & Updates Regarding Major Projects
  1. Weaver Street Reconstruction Project Information
  2. Town to take over maintenance of Streets in Annexation Areas A & B
    1. The Town of Carrboro will take over maintenance of the approximately 3.86 miles of streets in Northeast Annexation Areas A & B effective July 1, 2011. (See map) The Town informed NCDOT not long after the annexation that deficient sections of streets needed to be improved by NCDOT before the Town would consider taking them over for maintenance. Deficient sections of roads on the State system (3.65 miles) were improved by NCDOT in summer of 2010 by resurfacing. Subsequently, the Board of Alderman adopted a resolution at their regular meeting on March 15, 2011 requesting these roads be transferred to the Town road system. The Board of Transportation approved the requested change on June 3, 2011. Additionally, Meadow Run Court, which was not on the State system, was recently resurfaced by the adjoining home owners association and will be accepted onto the Town's road system effective July 1, 2011 as well. Once the roads are added to the Town system they will be eligible for funding under the Powell Bill.
    2. MAP: Roads to be Added to Town (PDF) Street System

For more information regarding the pending construction projects, please contact, David Poythress, Carrboro Street Superintendent, at 919-918-7432 or email at dpoythress@townofcarrboro.org.


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