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Project News:

Downtown Carrboro: New Vision, the final report on the charrette, is now available!
(click HERE to view - 4.3Mb)

The Board of Aldermen have received a presentation on Downtown Carrboro: New Vision and Downtown Carrboro Market Analysis, another important research project covering Carrboro's downtown, during a recent special work session.

Follow-up information on the projects will be posted on this site as it becomes available. Please keep checking back for further updates!

Downtown Carrboro needs and welcomes your participation.


The Downtown Visioning Charrette:

On September 14 the Town of Carrboro launched an exciting new initiative to help our downtown realize its full potential as the vibrant, dynamic, social and economic center of our town. Like old time town meetings where citizens got together to talk about what was good for their town, this Workshop offered people the opportunity to develop a common vision for Carrboro. Over 380 citizens participated in the charrette activities that were held on September 14 and 15. The idea-gathering component concluded on Saturday afternoon, September 15, with 22 presentations of visions for the downtown that had been prepared by design workshop participants.

A Presentation and Community Feedback session of the Downtown Visioning Charrette was held on November 10, 2001, in the Carrboro Century Center Century Hall. Nearly 150 citizens returned for Dan Burden's presentation of Walkable Communities' recommendations for steps the Town of Carrboro can take to achieve its goals.

The Board of Aldermen has made the doubling of the non-residential square footage throughout our community a priority. This goal was endorsed by the citizen-developed Vision 2020 report that determined the necessity for a citizen-based plan to focus on the development of the downtown. Equally important is to provide a more pedestrian-friendly, more walkable downtown. The Downtown Visioning Charrette addressed these issues. Charrette participants echoed these themes and specified additional goals and values.

For more information, contact town staff James Harris (919-918-7319) or Patricia McGuire (919-918-7327)or email the project coordinators at downtownvision@ci.carrboro.nc.us.

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