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Letter Of Introduction From Planning Director

INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the PDF icon (or section heading) to retrieve a complete section of the Carrboro Development Guide OR click on a section subheading to retrieve just that portion of a section. Please ignore the table of contents page numbers that are included in the complete version of the Carrboro Development Guide. They have been included for completeness only - they have no meaning in this electronic version.

Complete: Carrboro Development Guide
(248 pages or 1.4 MB)
Table of Contents
Understanding The Development Review Process
THE PROCESSES – Processes for Various Types of Development:
(49 pages)
APPENDIX A - Forms, Applications, Checklists and Miscellaneous Information:
  A–1: Land Use Permit Application Form
  A–2: Petition for Change of Zoning Form
  A–3: Land Use Ordinance Amendment Request Form
  A–4: Petition for Annexation of Contiguous Property Form
  A–5: Petition for Annexation Of Non-Contiguous Property Form
  A–6: Conceptual Preliminary Plan Guide and Checklist for Major Subdivisions
  A–7: Site Plan Guide/Checklist for Standard, Cluster or AIS Subdivisions
  A–8: Site Plan Guide/Checklist for Standard or Cluster Watershed Subdivisions
  A–9: Checklist: Filing a Final Plat
  A–10: Checklist: Security for Final Plat Approval
  A–11: Zoning Building Permit Review Checklist
  A–12: Inspection’s Division Requirements for Residential Building Permits
  A–13: Inspection’s Division Requirements for Commercial Building Permits
  A–14: Attachment A: Variance Request
  A–15: Attachment B: Appeal Request
  A–16: Attachment C: Special Exception Application
  A–17: Site Plan Guide/Checklist for Commercial, Office & Institutional Developments
  A–18: Site Plan Guide/Checklist for Unified Residential Developments
  A–19: Site Plan Guide/Checklist for Commercial, Office & Institutional Watershed Developments
  A–20: Process Guide an d Checklist for Village Mixed Use Rezonings, Master Plans and CUP’s
  A–21: Construction Plan Review Advisory Form
  A–22: Sign Permit Procedure Guide
  A–23: Map Request Application Form
  A–24: Policies for Public Works Permits – Street Cuts, Structure Moving, Driveway, Etc.
  A–25: Public Works Street Acceptance Procedure Bulletin
  A–26: Public Works Street Lighting Policy
  A–27: Miscellaneous Application Information (Where to find other ‘Permit Applications’
  A–28: Development Related Fees from the Miscellaneous Charges and Fee Schedule (FY2001-2002)
  A–29: Directory – Some Selected Agencies and Departments


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