Affordable Housing Advisory Commission


3rd Wednesday of Each Month
7:00 PM
Town Hall



The Affordable Housing Advisory Commission shall consist of seven members appointed by Town Council and two non-voting liaisons.

(1) Five residents of the Town of Carrboro;

(2) One resident of the Town’s extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction or the Town; and

(3) One member who need not be a resident of the Town of Carrboro, but who must possess special expertise related to affordable housing.


The purpose of the Carrboro Affordable Housing Advisory Commission is as follows:

(1) To review and make recommendations to Town Council concerning new or revised policies regarding the operation of the Town’s Affordable Housing Fund;

(2) To review and make recommendations to Town Council for new or revised Land Use Ordinance provisions related to the Town’s Affordable Housing Goals and Strategies;

(3) To review and make recommendations to Town Council on Affordable Housing Funding Applications;

(4) To carry out specific responsibilities that may be required in accordance with the Affordable Housing Fund Policies or the Town’s Land Use Ordinance;

(5) To annually review the Town’s Affordable Housing goals, data and other progress indicators, and to make recommendations to prioritize or adjust activities based on such review;

(6) To offer recommendations to Town Council for new or specific actions the Town may pursue to increase the availability of diverse, affordable housing in Carrboro, particularly as new opportunities arise or are brought to the Commission’s attention by Staff;

(7) To review and approve annual and other Staff reports to Town Council;

(8) As needed or as requested by Town Staff, to organize subcommittees focusing on specific topics or issues to help advance specific work; and

(9) To identify and research affordable housing trends and issues.