203 S. Greensboro Project

Background Information.

In 2016, the Town began actively exploring development of the existing parking lot at 203 S. Greensboro Street in response to a request from Orange County to locate the new Orange County Southern Branch Library there. After completing a study of Town facilities conditions and the need for future space, as well as hearing of other compatible users, interest in building new space for Town and related uses was identified. Additional information on the project may be found in the list below:

Concept Planning

Agenda item links for Board of Aldermen public presentations and hearings on concept plans for site development (see items 17-213 & 17-298):



Town of Carrboro Space Planning Presentation by Spencer Architects:

Space Planning Presentation - 6/20/17

Space Planning Presentation - 9/19/17

Development Agreement with Orange County 

Agenda item links for consideration of Development Agreement with Orange County (see item 17-315):


Agenda item links for Development Agreement (see item 17-205):


Copy of signed Development Agreement:

Signed Development Agreement

Town Space Needs and Facilities Condition Assessment

Agenda item links for the Town’s Space Needs Analysis (see item 17-049):


Creech and Associates Space Needs Analysis Presentation:

Space Needs Analysis Presentation

Background Information – Orange County Southern Branch Library

Orange County Southern Branch Library related links:


Budget and Capital Improvement Planning Information

Agenda item links to Budget ordinance approval for project (see item 211, Attachment I):


Agenda item link to CIP (See item 17-214):