Broad Street Culvert Replacement

Project Description: This project will involve two phases to replace an old and undersized culvert on the 400 block of Broad Street.  The first phase will be preliminary engineering; the second will be construction.

Project Background: An old and undersized culvert on Broad Street has been responsible for previous overtopping of the road.  This site has been included in previous Town flood studies by Sungate Engineering.

Status: Active/Funded. The Council approved funding for preliminary engineering in June with budget modification in January. An RFQ for assistance with preliminary engineering from a private engineering firm(s) was released in June. Interviews were held in July, and contract negotiations and coordination continued in August-October since the bids that were received exceeded the amount approved by the Council and currently available in the Stormwater Enterprise Fund. Sungate Design provided the lowest responsive bid, and will be providing preliminary engineering support. Preliminary engineering will be completed in FY 19/20, and construction bid in the summer of 2020. 

Fiscal and Staffing Considerations: The preliminary engineering will cost $50k.  Construction is estimated to cost approximately $125k; a separate project ordinance will be brought to Council for that phase of work. There is a staff impact associated with project management.

Additional Information: