Comprehensive Plan Task Force

About the Task Force

A 28-member task force made up of at-large community members and advisory board representatives has been formed to aid in the outreach, visioning, and development of Carrboro's first Comprehensive Plan in over three decades.

The Town of Carrboro is launching our first comprehensive plan in the Fall of 2020. The plan aims to involve all residents, organizations, businesses and other stakeholders from throughout the Town – from multiple generation families to students and new residents; from younger to older; all races, ethnicities and genders.


This plan is about our people, community and togetherness to form a vision and the tools to implement that vision. Whether it is addressing the urgency of climate change or overcoming the legacy of racial and ethnic barriers, this planning process aims to bring the spirit of our community together across a broad spectrum of interests, passion and expertise.


A comprehensive plan provides a guide to coordinated, long-range growth and development. The plan will provide the goals, policies and projects to implement the Town’s vision. The Town Council has laid out planning themes including climate action, addressing race and equity, economic sustainability and the need for affordable housing and addressing income inequality.


 Website: Share ideas, map input, ask questions! A project website is being developed that will provide tools and guideposts on ways to become involved in the planning process. The website will include an interactive map for posting place-based input, a general idea board for sharing insights, and an evolving FAQ forum on plan topics:

Events: Over the next 18 months a series of events are planned where you can make your voice heard. These will be a mix of virtual and in-person get togethers to ensure everyone can share in the way that is most comfortable to them!

Mix-Match: In addition to online, in person and virtual events, there will also be opportunities to connect and share via Carrboro comment cards, focus groups, interviews, or simply by picking up the phone. No internet, no problem!


 Patricia McGuire · Planning Director, Town of Carrboro, (919) 918-7327

Scott Goldstein · Project Manager, Teska Associates, (847) 563-9724

The Carrboro Connects Approach is based on equal parts community outreach, policy development and creative solutions. One of the main goals is to ensure everyone in Town has a chance to participate! The aim is to go beyond a typical planning process, to reach and inspire residents to form new relationships and deepen old ones. To instill a spirit where artists, students, residents, business owners, climate activists, and people of all races and ethnicities will feel comfortable listening, learning and crafting ideas together.



The plan is being coordinated out of the Planning, Zoning & Inspections Department. Patricia McGuire, Planning Director is leading the effort with the close cooperation of all of the Town’s department heads and staff – from Recreation, Parks & Cultural Resources to Public Works to Economic Sustainability, Police, Fire and all other departments.



Teska Associates, Inc. has been retained by the Town of Carrboro to lead the planning and community engagement efforts along with Lockamy Consulting and Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). Our team brings together both experience and a listening and learning approach to create a dynamic process that can lift up great ideas that come through outreach and offer tools, best practices and grounded research for those ideas to be implemented.

Teska Associates, Inc. will manage the process and lead land use, economic sustainability, affordable housing aspects. Teska’s experience in innovative planning, community development and urban design will bring a creative approach to both outreach and policy development.

Lockamy Consulting, based out of Greensboro, will support community outreach.

Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) will be leading environmental sustainability, transportation and infrastructure. As one of the leading non-profit organizations in the U.S. promoting livable and sustainable urban communities, CNT will bring innovative solutions that address climate change and race and equity to help fulfill the Town’s vision.


Patricia McGuire · Planning Director, Town of Carrboro, (919) 918-7327

Scott Goldstein · Project Manager, Teska Associates, (847) 563-9724

Carrboro Connects Task Force Meeting 1

Wednesday, September 17

6:00 – 8:30 PM


  1. Meeting Opening, Welcome, and Introductions - All
  2. Charge for the Task Force – Catherine Adamson, Chair, Quinton Harper and David Jessee, Co-chairs
  3. Why do a comprehensive plan now? Patricia McGuire, Planning Director
  4. What is a comprehensive plan and what can it achieve? Scott Goldstein, Teska Associates
  5. Visioning exercise, Teresa Lockamy, Lockamy Consulting
  6. Race and Equity Principles, Anita Jones-McNair, Recreation, Parks & Cultural Resources Director
  7. Community Engagement and Web Site, Erin Cigliano, Teska Associates and Teresa Lockamy, Lockamy Consulting
  8. Topic Areas of Plan and Interview Feedback, Scott Goldstein, Teska Associates
  9. Break-Out Discussions – Facilitated Discussions by Topic Area Led by Consultant Team (Two 30-minute sessions)
    1. 5 Break-Out Groups (Each one is held twice) 
      1. Environmental Systems 
      2. Transportation and Infrastructure 
      3. Economic Sustainability 
      4. Affordable Housing 
      5. Recreation, Parks and Culture 
    2. In Each Break-out Session:
      1. Consultant defines what is meant by the topic area and briefly summarizes past plans
      2. Three questions regarding each topic area:
        1. How would you characterize Carrboro now (regarding this topic area)?
        2. Where would you like Carrboro to be in 20 years?
        3. What are the biggest challenges to getting to this vision?
  10. Debrief Meeting and Next Steps, Scott Goldstein and Patricia McGuire