Task Force

About the Task Force

A 28-member task force made up of at-large community members and advisory board representatives has been formed to aid in the outreach, visioning, and development of Carrboro's first Comprehensive Plan in over three decades.

Carrboro Connects – Task Force Meeting #4 Agenda

Thursday, January 21, 2020

5:30 – 8:00 PM

Remote Meeting*


  1. Opening and Timeline of Process, Catherine Fray, Chair (5 min)
  1. Town Council, Welcome (5 min)
  2. Debrief of Task Force 3 and Community Meeting 1, Quinton Harper, Co-Chair (5 min)
  3. Review of Task Force Draft Climate Change, Environment and Social & Racial Equity Vision, Goals, Strategies (25 minutes), CNT
  4. Transportation and Infrastructure, Heidy Persaud, CNT (15 min)
  5. Economic Sustainability, Scott Goldstein, Teska (12 min)
  6. Break-Out Discussions – Choose One Group – Transportation and Infrastructure or Economic Sustainability (45 min)

Discuss Vision and Goals

  1. Report Back, Teresa Lockamy, Tim Turner (30 min)
  2. Engagement Update – Francesca Sallinger and Benito Garcia (5 min)
  3. Meeting Debrief, David Jessee (3 min)
  4. Next Steps, Patricia McGuire (5 min)
  5. Adjourn!         

*To view the meeting, please email Trish McGuire at pmcguire@townofcarrboro.org or call 919-918- 7324 to receive an invitation to view the meeting. If you wish to make public comment, at the time of public comment, the staff person will be able to allow speakers to remotely enter the meeting one by one to comment. Please send any written statement or materials to the email provided above. Requests to remotely attend the meeting shall be made within 24 hours of the meeting start time, and should specify if the requester wishes to make any comments.  Any materials will be forwarded to task force members.

Task Force Members

Catherine Fray Miles Fitch Lauren Joca
David Jessee Braxton Foushee Elmira Mangum
Quinton Harper Maggie Funkhouser David Markiewicz
Sarah Brown Rachel Gaylord-Miles Dan Mayer
Wamiq Chowdhury Lorie Clark Mark Moshier
David Dixon Conner Lopez Eliazar Posada
Abirami Raja Soteria Shepperson Jim Porto
Amy Singleton  Jacqueline Thompson Rasam Tooloee
Anahid Vrana Alyson West Mariela Hernandez
Jacqueline Helvey Tim Turner  

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