Baldwin Park


400 Broad Street


  • 2.5 acres
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic Table
  • Grills
  • Play Equipment
  • Basketball Court
  • Community Garden
  • Rain Garden



The Baldwin Community Garden seeks members from the Broad St. and Northside neighborhoods, and will prioritize residents of those areas when allotting growing beds within the garden.

Gardening space is available to members outside of the immediate neighborhood, however registration for this group will take place after the registration period for local residents. Residents from our target area will be able to sign up first come first serve until March 15, after which point anyone from the greater Carrboro / Chapel Hill community can join.


Membership outreach has consisted of direct soliciting to the target neighborhood by existing members to neighbors and door-to-door flyering. Success by these methods have been limited due to the infancy of the garden until now.

We believe that continued outreach will result in more local interest now that the construction phase is completed, members are actively growing produce, and we now have experienced Master Gardeners from the Northside garden amongst our members.