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Town of Carrboro Requested Town-Sponsored Event Interest Form

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  2. Town of Carrboro Requested Town-Sponsored Event Interest Form

    The Town of Carrboro recognizes the benefits and interest of having special events within the Carrboro Community. The purpose of this form is for citizens and local organizations and/or businesses who are planning an event and seeking Town-sponsorship or support, to notify the Town.

    Please provide the following information to assist staff with evaluating what types of approvals may be needed for your event. Please be sure to read the eligibility requirements below. Submission of this application is not an approval of the event.

  3. Eligibility

    The following criteria will be used to determine whether proposed events will be sponsored by the Town of Carrboro:

    1) The event must be open to all Carrboro residents;

    2) The event cannot be organized around political or religious purposes. Additionally, events cannot discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability;

    3) Sponsorship will not be used for the purpose of individual or joint solicitations for funds, commercial sale presentations, meetings that are politically partisan, or seeking of gifts or requests, etc. for the purpose of profit;

    4) The costs of such sponsorship must meet a greater public good by providing or expanding public service;

    5) Demonstrate a likelihood that the event will contribute positively to the recognition and image of the Town of Carrboro;

    6) The Town of Carrboro’s goal is to promote events that increase the awareness of the Town’s arts and culture; promote community well-being; endorse civic education; or support a demonstrated community interest;

    7) All events must abide by all other requirements of the Town of Carrboro town code.

    A completed Requested Town-Sponsored Event Interest Form should be submitted to the Town of Carrboro's Department of Recreation, Parks, and  Cultural Resources. The event application will be reviewed by the Special Event Committee. Some aspects of sponsorship may be contingent on approval by the Town Council.

  9. In the box above, please specify what equipment and services (traffic control, public safety, sanitation, etc.) are being requested:

  10. In the box above, please list all fee waivers you are requesting (if applicable).

  11. In the box above, please list any other requests  you are seeking from the Town of Carrboro.


    The following applications/requirements may be necessary as part of your event request:

    • Street event permit (submitted at least 60 days prior to event)
    • Requested Town-Sponsored Event Form (submitted at least 90 days prior to event)
    • Reserve town facilities for use during event
    • Acquire necessary insurance - Insurance is needed if the event includes major physical activity and moderate/severe exposure to participants; expected attendance of over 500; large amounts of cash ($1000+) or quantities of merchandise will be brought onto Town Property; and food will be served, sold and/or given to the general public. If the reservation requires insurance, the event sponsor must sign the reservation contract to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Town of Carrboro, provide general liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 general liability coverage endorsed to name the Town of Carrboro as an additional insured and provide a certificate for documentation.
  14. Will there be entertainment provider during the event?:*
  15. Do you have entertainer contracts?:*
  16. Is an amplified sound system being utilized during the event?:*
  17. Will generators be utilized during the event?*
  18. Will children's activities be provided?*
  19. What type of children's activities will occur?:*

    Note: Review section 14-20 of the town code on commercial activity on town property. There are some restrictions and special permission may be needed from the Town Council to have vendors.

  21. Will there be (non-food) retail sales?*
  22. Will there be food vendors?*
  23. What type of food vendors will be present? (Please check all that apply.):*
  24. Note: If food is being served or sold the Orange County Health Department may have additional requirements. The event coordinator is required to submit an application to the Health Department. If a permit is needed, the Health Department will come out the day of the event and inspect the vendors. The application is required at least 30 days prior to the event. Contact the Health Department at 919.245.2400 for more information. 


    Note: If a sponsor intends to sell alcohol, additional permits may need to be obtained from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and signed by the Carrboro Police Chief.  Additional information can be found here:

  26. Will alcoholic beverages be dispensed, provided, or served?:*
  27. Does the provider need to obtain additional permits to serve alcohol?:*
  29. Will you be using any temporary structures?:*
  30. What type of structure(s) will be using (select all that apply)?:*

    (Note: Off-duty police officers may be available for contract security work for an hourly fee. For more information, please contact the Police Department at 919-918-7397.)

  32. Will you have private security?*

    The event organizers are responsible for having adequate facilities to cover the anticipated number of participants.  For more information on the number of adequate trash/recycling receptacles, please contact the Public Works Department at 919-918-7425.

  34. Will portable toilets be used during the event?:*
  35. Will there need to be additional trash receptacles on site?:*
  36. Will there need to be additional recycling bins on site?:*
  38. Do you plan to request the closure of any public streets or right-of-ways?:*
  39. Is there adequate parking for participants?:*
  40. Will shuttle service be provided to and from the event?:*
  42. Event Media Contact Information:
  44. Will there be any additional event sponsors?:*
  45. In the box above, please provide any additional relevant information about the proposed event.

  46. Please use this link to upload any event diagram or map.


    If there are questions regarding this form, please contact Dianah Alston-Sanders at the Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Department at or 919-918-7364.

  48. Please type your full name to sign on behalf of the organization.

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