Fire Safety Products

From time to time our department comes across new and interesting fire safety products that are both effective and useful. While there is information about other products throughout the website here are a few examples of effective fire safety products available. One of the ways we seek to promote greater fire safety both at home and at work is to provide the community with information about these products. 

  1. Emergency Escape Ladders
  2. Stovetop Fire Stop
  3. Residential Sprinkler Systems

Fire and Emergency Escape Ladders

We all (shouFire Escape Ladderld) know the importance of having a fire and emergency escape plan. But, what if you need to escape from a second or third story? Enter fire escape ladders! Fire escape ladders allow you to safely escape through a window. Fire escape ladders can be crucial if you need to escape from any room above the ground floor. This is especially common in apartments. There are two styles of ladders. One style is permanently mounted under the window, and the other style hooks onto the window sill. If you are renting make sure you talk with you landlord before permanently mounting a fire escape ladder.

There are a number of fire escape ladders available. Do some research and choose the best option for your situation. Special consideration should be given if you need a ladder to escape from a third floor room, or if there are any other situation which would be deployment of an escape ladder difficult. 

No matter which ladder you go with make sure that it is easily accessible and that all members of your household know how to deploy it effectively. Read the manufacturers instructions thoroughly. 

As with any fire prevention question, feel free to contact us via email or call the Fire Prevention Division at 919-918-7352 during normal business hours.

Home Escape Ladder Styles