What Is the Stormwater Utility Fee?

Carrboro assesses a stormwater fee to residential and commercial properties. The Town’s stormwater utility fee generates dedicated revenue to the Stormwater Program. It applies to non-exempt properties (almost all properties with at least 500 square feet of impervious surfaces) and is based on the square footage of impervious surfaces, a common practice in North Carolina and beyond. More information on the fees and rate structure is available on the Stormwater Utility Fee webpage[1].

The Stormwater utility fee supports:

Stormwater Community Services – education, outreach and technical advice; creating public participation opportunities; coordinating with the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP); assisting with federal flood mitigation grant applications; and supporting the development and implementation of a residential assistance program.

Infrastructure Services – maintenance and improvements of the Town-owned stormwater system (including inlets, catch basins, pipes, ditches and SCMs); street sweeping; and design and construction of public stormwater infrastructure (including “green” infrastructure) projects, stormwater retrofits, and restoration projects on Town-maintained land.

Field Services – inspections of SCMs issued under a Town land use permit or owned by the Town, illicit discharge detection and elimination activities, stream determinations, and stream monitoring.

Strategic Planning – review of new development proposals and construction, updating of the Land Use Ordinance, and other support for planning activities.

Utility Administration – developing the stormwater program, data management, regulatory tracking and reporting, issuing enforcement, contract and grant administration, staffing the Stormwater Advisory Commission, and program integration with Town administration (e.g., operating budget and CIP).